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Cats Love Our Trees - Simple, modern and well made. Fits in perfectly with the decor in my home. And my cats love it! -Noel, WA All Wood Cat Tree All Wood Cat Tree

Our Cat Trees Feature

  • No stains or finishes; Pet safe, earth-friendly and better for those with chemical sensitivity.
  • 3/8 inch sisal rope trim in top and bottom of posts, ½” sisal trim on platforms and ¼” sisal trim on base.
  • Vertical sisal scratching post can easily be replaced if it ever wears out.
  • All natural northern white cedar from managed forests in Vermont.
  • Solid wood construction (no plywood, MDF, OSB or cardboard).
  • Optional Bronze or Nickel hardware.
  • 1 inch thick textured pine platforms.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Handmade in the USA.

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 Mountain Cat Tree Vs. Carpeted Cat Tree


Mountain Cat Tree

Carpeted Cat Tree

Why buy a Mountain Cat Tree?

There are many reasons why you should consider a Mountain Cat Tree over a commercial carpeted or “discount” cat tree:

Solid wood

Our Cat Trees are made from natural, solid wood, no plywood OSB, cardboard or MDF. Why does this matter? Many people do not realize that plywood and other manufactured boards give off chemicals that over time can be harmful to you and your pets. This process is called VOC off-gassing.  One of the more common offenders of off-gassing is plywood. People and pets can have varying degrees of sensitivity to these chemicals. Read more about VOCs and off-gassing.

U.S.A Made

Buying products made in the USA supports our economy and provides jobs to Americans. We source our wood from local lumber mills and work with a local company to obtain many of our wood parts. We purchase most of our supplies from domestic companies which in turn support a wide array of other businesses here in the U.S.

Safe, Solid design

Our products are solid, study and made to last for years. We use quality hardware in our cat tree assembly with no flimsy or rickety parts. Our cat trees are sturdy enough for large cats of up to 25 pounds and have a no-tip design.  Unlike cheap, carpeted cat trees, our cat trees do not have exposed staples, loose parts that may break free or carpet fibers and strings that cat may ingest. The staples we use are well hidden, out of reach for cats and because we use solid wood, the staples will not loosen and fall out over time as with other cat trees.

Better for the planet

Our products are made from natural wood, sisal and manila rope which are renewable resources unlike carpet and OSB which are made from petroleum. Once one of our cat trees reaches its end of life its parts break down in the environment without releasing harmful chemicals into the ground. Ideally, our cat trees can be taken apart; hardware removed and composted, which allows the material to return naturally to the earth.

Attractive to cats

Natural wood has a scent that is attractive to most cats. The texture of the wood appeals to cats and some cats prefer scratching on the base or posts. Sisal is especially attractive to cats because of its natural scent and cats enjoy digging deep into the rope with their nails. Our cat trees bring a part of nature indoors for your cat to safely enjoy.

One year limited warranty

Purchasing a cat tree is a big decision and we want to help give you piece of mind with our one year limited warranty.  All of our products are guaranteed against structural defects and against breaking under normal use for up to one year from purchase.  Read more about our warranty.

Replaceable scratching posts

With most cat furniture, once the sisal rope has been word down, you are left with two options, either discard the entire cat tree, or be left with a worn out eye sore. We have made it easy to replace the scratching posts on all our cat trees (no tools needed), extending its useful life and appearance by many years.

Easy to clean

If you’ve ever owned a carpeted cat tree you know what it takes to try and remove all the cat hair. The fur gets worked into the carpet fibers and you can spend hours with a vacuum or lint roller trying to get them clean. With our cat trees it only takes a few minutes with a vacuum cleaner hose to sweep up the cat hair.

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