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Cat Trees

We offer a wide variety of cat tree styles including outdoor, natural and stain and poly finish.

We utilize many wood species such as basswood, cypress, cherry and more.

All our products are hand made in the USA from sustainable materials.

Shop our standard designs or have something unique made just for your cat!

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“This cat tree is amazing! It is extremely sturdy and very well made…”

Cat scratching posts
One Year Warranty On All Cat Furniture


We offer a variety of solid wood scratching posts to fit the scratching preference of your cat, from sisal and manila rope to cedar posts, and for cats that like to scratch horizontally or vertically. We’ve got you covered.

We can also create a custom scratcher in virtually any size and design.

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“Amazing scratching post… my cats love it!”
-Scott K

“Top quality construction and finish. Well designed too. Fits nicely in our living area and gives our cat his own space to look over his kingdom.”

Cat Toys


We offer a variety of toys for cats including interactive wand toys and bat around toys. All our toys are made using natural materials. Hemp twine with food grade coloring, naturally shed feathers and natural cork are a few of the materials we use to create fun, long lasting toys for your feline friend.

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“Our cat Simba loves this thing, he goes crazy over it. Definitely would purchase from you again. Great craftsmanship.”

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